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Ouse Muse January 2013

A select band braved the cold to kick off Ouse Muse for 2013 on 17th Jan. The performers had the luxury of a little extra time and used it to give us a particularly wide ranging programme. As usual there was humour, as usual there were some serious poems, plus a very entertaining story from Mark Steinhardt, and topped off with Richard Gillard’s unaccompanied singing!

Self-authored material was counterbalanced by other poets read or (impressively) recited from memory during the evening: Byron, Dorothy Parker, Leonard Cohen and Shakespeare – along with a couple of poems from a less well known contemporary poet, David Greenslade. Our cellar venue proved itself adaptable once again and (even on a freezing night) toasty warm. The only slight disappointment was the overwhelmingly male cast.  Just Hilda Morley provided the contrast of a female voice – thanks to everyone who attended, hope to see you again on Feb 21st.

Next Ouse Muse 21st Feb, 8pm, Harpur’s (in the cellar) 46-48 Tavistock St, MK40 2RD.