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My first full collection of poems published by Cinnamon press, 80pp, available to purchase here. These poems cover a range of subjects, from the dislocations of business travel through to wind farms and electricity pylons, although my father’s failing health looms large in the middle section.  It contains only one poem from The Stammering Man – so you will certainly want both!

“Intermittent beings is a collection punctuated by presences and abscences….the poet’s eye ranging intelligently from the personal….to the outward world, in all its complexity. I appreciated this book, and I look forward to reading more from McEwen.”   Kathryn Gray in Magma

“…any book calling its final page of end-notes ‘Rip Offs and Excuses’ is already half way there, and if the poems go on to reveal a similar disregard for nicer conventions I won’t be disappointed. These do more, behaving like sprung traps: deceptive and set for a purpose.”  John Forth in London Grip. Link to full review

This pamphlet was a winner in the Templar Pamphlet Competition 2010 (earlier versions had reached the short lists of both the Flarestack and Poetry Wales pamphlet competitions in 2009 and 2010 too). It uses a landscape page which allows alternative routes for the reader to explore the line linkages – which makes it distinctive and surely collectable! 24pp you can order it from Templar here – while stocks last….and of course it was published before the film  The King’s Speech!

The Sideways for it

This pamphlet was runner up in the Venture Competition run by Flipped Eye. Like the Stammering Man these are landscape format poems with interlocking stanzas which can be explored in a number of ways.

White Goods

My most recent pamphlet (published by Flarestack in 2018) is composed of 27 poems all of which share a common form. That form is a version of the old French fatras stretched out from 13 to 19 lines. Each poem concerns (in some way) a fridge although it would not be entirely right to say that fridges are the subject of the pamphlet. Intrigued? Get it here.