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Long Poem Magazine 10

LPM strikes me as a necessary magazine in all kinds of ways. Its dedication to publishing longer poems and sequences makes it unique in the ecosystem of poetry in the UK (I don't know if there is a US or international counterpart). The 'sequence' or 'project' has become an vital area of new poetry … [Read more...]

Poetry (Jan 2013)

Chicago-based Magazine Poetry is one of the landmarks of global poetry publishing. Founded by Harriet Munroe in 1912 - as it says on every title page - it championed modernism in the US and has published virtually every significant poet of the last century. The bequest of pharmaceuticals heiress … [Read more...]

Tears in the Fence 56

Is it 'teers' or 'tares'? No idea. I have been a subscriber for about three years (and the magazine has printed one poem of mine in the past). Tears in the Fence has been going for some time, edited by David Caddy from the hotbed of intellectual ferment that is Blandford Forum (maybe it is, I've … [Read more...]

Magazine Review: Poetry Wales Winter 12-13

I have an addiction, an addiction to poetry magazines. A rough count says I have 11 active subscriptions at the moment - but I've probably missed some (oops, yes 12). To get it out of my system, and maybe give anyone listening a few ideas about what you might want to buy (poetry mags need … [Read more...]