mouth formed thought formed mouth formed thought mouth formed


(begin)    he chose (rest) a few words
                she played carefully (rest)
                how cold the keys all are.
                can they (rest) stop (rest) a nosebleed?
(rest)       up close the ivory
(rest)       clip of fingernails
                are comments she practised (rest) all
                the time turning (rest) off.
(begin)    the piano thinks of all
(rest)       its notes. Can you (rest)
                call it discord? She feels
                it more sudden (rest) lax (rest) time.
(begin)    white (rest) space is a sign (rest) of
                need. The notes are busy
                and like ants they cannot
                really think (rest) for themselves (rest)
(begin)    his violin is (rest) plastered
                with such insects. Gravity
                in drops (rest) on the polished
                floor and the rapid mercury
(rest)       ice (rest) pressures (rest)
                bend (rest) but hold though
                all the (rest) world has melted. (rest)
                he swims (rest) across.
                she will join him. (rest)
(rest)      she does not (rest) (rest)